MIA – Born Free Analysis

MIA – Born Free, album – MAYA (2010), director – unknown/no listed

The song is about police officers violently gathering kids of a minority (Irish) and persecuting them for their culture. This is set in America with a reference to “freedom” and how there is a larger cultural divide between minority races.

This is a song from the artist that is not that well known, but it was from one of her earlier albums. I did not recognize this song, but I am sure fans of her would know it well. I believe that this music video would spark controversy especially during 2010 when there was heightened civil rights protests and police shootings. This should speak to the civil rights movement on all races that are discriminated by the government.


This shot depicts 3 members of the government police/military entering an apartment complex. They are carrying riot shields and wearing gas masks. It appears that they are about to take down multiple criminals like a drug raid.


This frame shows the police officer has found what he is looking for in the apartment complex. Shots before this frame showed the police forces behaving violently to innocent people in order to find this person. They have now arrested him and are bringing him to a transport bus.


This is the most interesting part because it throws us off our expectations of finding “criminals”. The frame depicts the man who was arrested next to other similar looking, younger men in a detained bus. He and the other prisoners are trapped and cannot escape.


This shot is the most controversial shot of the music video because it shows a ginger boy about to get shot in the head after the police told the others to start running into a mine field. I was not expecting this in a music video and could hint at notions of a potential genocidal situation, after violently killing this young boy.

By: Conner McEuen


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