In film, there are some animated films that do not quite fit the mold like their animated cousins. Animated films that capture reality and real thoughts yet presented in very animated and fictitious forms. These animated films delve within real conscious thoughts yet portray unrealistic images and sometimes experiences as well.  These animated and half-animated  films fall into the “Animated Docuficiton Dreamscape” genre, wherein, reality enters forms resembling images found only through dreams. Yet, these dreams still capture a real lived experience, a biography and documentation of an individual’s experience expressed only by shifting what is considered reality.

Waking Life

waking life 1.jpg

The first and best example of this genre is the film Waking Life since it quite literally depicts a young man adventuring through his dream. The film documents the journey of Wiley Wiggins as he enters a dream he cannot escape.

Yellow Submarine

yellow submarine 2.gif

Yellow submarine follows the animated docufiction much more closely since it is a documentation of their music through animation. Nevertheless, the animation enters dream-like realities of what their music could be representative. Thus, each music escapes into a dream-filled reality.


persepolis god 2

Persopolis follows the life of Satrapi in Iran, pre- and post- revolution. This is a documentation of her life based on true events, yet, in some instances, the film enters unreal instances, her escape from reality into further levels of consciousness, much like Waking Life.



Howl enters two different realms such as live actors slowly shifting to animation, thus, resembling Waking Life in that it uses animation along with real-life acting. Howl documents the life of Allen Ginsberg while also entering his fantasies and his memories.


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