Crazy American Family Dynamic

The typical American family dynamic is very diverse, but within Hollywood the dysfunctional family animated TV comedies has a direct theme. The premise of this alt-genre is centered around people in the family who don’t necessarily get along. There is usually a mother and father who seem disconnected with their children, but are always looking out for them with witty versions of common sense. Moreover, there typically two to three children that resent a parent, get annoyed by their siblings, and are somewhat unhappy with their living situation. Additionally, the family is usually poor or middle class with two working parents. Although they may struggle with these family problems, when they face a major problem from outside they will ban together to help one another fix it!

Bob’s Burgers:

This is about a family that runs a burger restaurant that is not very popular around town and the three kids help run the shop after school. A lot of quirky family evens and problems occur which makes the slap-stick humor very funny and easy to watch.

Rick and Morty

Another dysfunctional family that is more science-fiction, but with a lot of real world family problems like oblivious dad, crazy mom, and a humorous grandpa. The kids and their grandpa go on adventures and insane problems come up that are extremely out of the ordinary.

Family Guy

The classic dysfunctional family animated comedy with three children, a dog, and two parents. The mother is the mature one, the father is dumb and oblivious, and the children constantly fight with each other and play pranks on the entire family for jokes.


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