We prefer to spend their time watching light-hearted movies and eating popcorn, while there are other times where we love to watch films that are thought-provoking and captivating. These films are often unforgettable due to their very engaging nature. They are also very open to discussion and analysis. When the ending credits roll, we are often left with many intriguing questions. Most of these questions makes us think about our approach in life, think about the choices we have taken since we have been able to make them, or even think about our existence.


Inception (2010) 

  • A movie about a team of people who specializes in stealing secrets from the subconscious with the help of dreaming. They are able to construct multiple layers of dreams but most impressively, they are able to design every inch and corner of those dreams. This film might raise questions about your reality and the world which you live in.


American Beauty (1999)

  • In this film, a typical middle class family is going through a crisis. The dad is infatuated by his daughter’s friend, his daughter hates him as well as her materialistic mother. This movie certainly points out to what it takes to be truly happy in life.


Mr. Nobody (2009)

  • A boy who can see his future is given important options to choose from. Each option would take him through very different journeys of his life. The film makes us rethink how we should deal with defining moments of our lives.


The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

  • A man falls deeply in love with a woman, but a group of men (with unusual superpowers) who wear hats, try their very best to keep them apart for the greater good. There is a very strong theme of destiny and fate in this film.






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