Teenage Comedies Featuring Unrealistic High School Situations (But Still Teach Lessons)

High school is the time when everybody seems to be an awkward misfit, so its only natural that this would be a prominent setting for teenage comedies. However, no matter how raunchy or comedic, the high school setting always seems to offer valuable insight towards the dangers of teen clique/party culture. This alt-genre seems to have emerged from the late 80’s to present, with focus on gossip, stereotypes, and loss of virginity. Plot characteristics usually include misfits yearning for acceptance within the higher tier of high school society, but then realizing that being yourself is what matters most.


  1. Mean Girls


In Mean Girls, protagonist Cady is thrown into the materialistic world of high school stigma and image. While this movie might not represent realistic aspects of high school, it nevertheless showcases the importance of facing consequences and being true to who you are.


2. Easy A


Non-realistic high school situations in Easy A: Olive walking down the hallway in a corset, super cool parents, and virtually everything else.

Realistic high school situations in Easy A: The toxicity of slut shaming and how quickly rumors can spread and influence minds.


3. Jennifer’s Body 


In addition to being a possessed demon who murders jocks in the middle of the forest, Jennifer’s Body gives an interesting insight towards the dangers of devil worship culture. This movie is a silly horror movie, but it serves as a cautionary tale for the boundaries teens need to make while “experimenting.”


4. Superbad


Non-realistic high school situations in SuperbadThe fact that no one noticed they were in high school, unreliable cops, and the extremity of life-death shenanigans.

Realistic high school situations in Superbad: untested bromance, unreliable cops, and the fear of missing high school friends in college.




One thought on “Teenage Comedies Featuring Unrealistic High School Situations (But Still Teach Lessons)

  1. I think you could have added “Not Another Teenage Movie” or “Ten Things I Hate About You”. But great selection!


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