Bass Heavy Oddball Tech Funk Songs

Bass Heavy Oddball Tech Funk Songs 

Bass Heavy Oddball Tech Funk is a genre that embodies a new kind of dance music, defined by its unusual sounds, funk beats, and quirky lyrics. All of these songs incorporate a delicate balance of goofy, random lyrics and grimy bass. A popular independent electronic music label called Dirtybird is known for establishing and specializing in this brand of house music that embodies the unique characteristics of this alternative genre. The label was created by the dj Claude Von Stroke in 2002 in an effort to create a new genre of “laidback” dance music that “didn’t take itself too seriously.” Since then, many producers have incorporated the style of Dirtybird, thus resulting in the formation of a new alternative genre: bass heavy oddball tech funk.

Work by Billy Kenny

This song produced by Dirtybird artist Billy Kenny incorporates all of the elements of “bass heavy oddball tech funk.” The single lyric “ooo babyyy, you got to work” embodies the funky, goofy aspect, while the drop embodies the grimy, bass heavy aspect.

The Muzic Box by Click | Click 

This song, produced by German native Click | Click, features a steady bass and as well as random goofy sounds as well as vocals. Although Click | Click is not a Dirtybird artist, many of his songs reflect a similar style.

Back to the Jungle by Justin Martin

This song is featured on Justin Martin’s, a Dirtybird native, recently released album titled “Hello Clouds.” The song doesn’t have as heavy or grimy of a drop as Work by Billy Kenny, but rather more on the ambient, mellow side. However it still incorporates the quirky, oddball aspects of the genre.

Jungle Shrimp by Cut Snake

This song by the Australian professional surfer turned dj duo Cut Snake. The song has a similar tech-y house beat as the songs above, as well as a goofy lyric on loop “do the jungle shrimp.”


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