• Short criticism posts — creative writing exercises, one for each of the criticism approaches studied. Due at the end of the week.
  • Technology practice workshops — in-class practice tests on audio and video editing.
  • Publishable long form criticism — expanding on one of the short criticism pieces, editing based on workshop feedback, and incorporating media where appropriate for online publication.
  • Final project — consisting of an outline of the proposed media project, a script that details the audio/video clips used and editing structure, and the final audio or video essay.

CCS Grading Policy. Courses taken in the College are reported in terms of Passed/No Record. The grade Passed shall be strictly reserved for work of satisfactory quality. For each passed course, the student shall receive from one to six units of credit, as determined by the instructor of the course. If the course is not passed, it is removed from the student’s record and no credit is given.

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Deadlines for final projects:

Longform Review

  • First draft: Sunday May 14 at midnight
  • Revised draft: Sunday May 28 at midnight
  • Final draft: Friday June 9 at midnight

Podcast or video essay

  • Draft of script: Sunday May 21 at midnight
  • First edit: Monday June 5 or Wednesday June 7 (in class)
  • Final edit: Monday June 12 at midnight